The Sun Always Shines On TV


L. Engel

I'm the only child of an Austrian network assistant and a freelance businessman. My father moved to Upper Austria when I was two years old. I went to a very bad school, where you could get good grades, just by giving them money. I currently go to a very good grammar school (yes, my grammar's very bad XD) and have many friends there.

My friends call me a 'creative and intelligent', my teachers 'a slight annoyance with good grades'. I see myself somewhere in between. Most of the time I'm happy, but I can also be very grumpy, but that's because I'm from Vienna.  And for some reasons I'm thirteen.

I'm a pretty talented artist with a favour for cartoony style and a skilled writer, although everything I write ends up as a silly something, because my inconsequence is spectacular. And I like 'The Book of Biff' by Chris Hallbeck. Cockroach-eyebrows rule!

                                                                                                                      - L. Engel