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My BZP Life

Yes, I'm an active member of BZP, currently named 'Crudelious'. Also, I'm currently the Anon ambassador for BZP. I joined BZP in August 07 and have had various usernames through my time there:

Protodermis Diver--> Makuta of Metru Nui --> Crudelious --> Heir of the Crudelious --> Crudelious

I think BZP is a nice place, although some of the admins (B-Rex) can be mean and only the popular members win the BBC contests. My best BZP friends are "Taka Nuvia", Gatanui (who can be more than one person) Zahd and Letrek.

My favourite places at BZP are the General Disscussion, Bionicle Based Creations and General Artwork forums. Occasionally, I'll add a chapter to my epic.